The Blissful Theatre Company was born through a love of drama, and team work.  We began with a charity fund-raiser, in a garden, following a successful run of Noel Coward's Hay Fever at a local theatre, and realised that we could use our love of the theatre, along with a joy of performing to do good.  We love outdoor theatre, but will perform anywhere that we are needed.

All of our members are committed and talented individuals, with varying amounts of experience, but all with a passion for creativity through acting.

We will perform just about anywhere - gardens, pubs, theatres, anywhere that will have us. 

The Company - Much Ado About Nothing 2019

Stephanie Anderson 

Donna Giovanna / Verges / Costume

Kate Brookes

1st Watchman

Katie Carey


Russ Carey

Technical Support

Natalie Davies


Jules Doe

Leonata / Co-Director

Barry Mitchell

Don Pedro

Linda Russell

Antonia / Costume

Dave Wilson


Jess Hayhow

Ursula / 2nd Watchman

Humphrey Mouse

Company Mascot

Sandy Squirrel

Company Mascot

Dawn Jones

Stage Manager

Tim King


Daniel Pike


Amanda Sharpe-Conroy


Edward Price


Tom Watson

Dogberry / Friar Francis

Patricia Wilson


Lauren Paterson


Rhiannon Williams

Margaret / Sexton / Messenger

'The Blissful Theatre Company will work to provide high-quality performances, and will strive to entertain its audiences at the highest level, whilst attempting to do good by assisting charitable organisations in raising money for worthy causes.   All members of the Company will be dedicated and committed to achieving this objective.  Above all, we will be kind and supportive to each other, without ego or hierarchy and with this sentiment we will all celebrate success in equal measure, together, never losing sight of the fact that we do this because we love it'.

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The Blissful Theatre Company, Kent.

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