Let us help you to raise funds for your worthy cause

We are a group of people who are passionate about performing, and want to help raise money for good causes.  We are all very experienced in the world of theatre, and have performed live theatre on countless occasions.

We perform in people's gardens, in pubs, theatres and village halls, in fact, anywhere that will accommodate us.  For fund-raising events, the host of the event provides the venue, and in general, is responsible for getting an audience in place.  The Blissful Theatre Company takes a small fee, and then whatever money is made at the door, through refreshments, and by whatever other means - a raffle perhaps, is for the host to do with as they please.  If you have a good cause that you are passionate about, maybe a charity, local community project (or even your loft conversion!), it's a really lovely way to raise funds.

You are, of course, free to invite as many people as you want - as actors we love showing off, so the more the better for us to perform to!  Just so that you can work out what you can expect to raise, if you have an audience of 50 people, paying £12 (up to you what you charge), and then sell them all a £1 raffle ticket, you would net around £430 after our fee has come out.  If you have 100 audience members, you are in the realms of raising over £1000 - we charge the same fee no matter what the audience size.  Not bad for a summer's afternoon spent watching live classical theatre.


Having visited the venue in advance, to survey the space, we will arrive fully-equipped with everything needed to give your guests a really good afternoon, or evening's entertainment.  If there is a cup of tea available for cast and crew during the interval, it is always gratefully received.  A power supply is required (have extension lead, will travel!). 

We perform Friday and Saturday evenings, and Sunday afternoons or early evenings throughout June.  Inclement weather is no reason to stop an outdoor performance, unless torrential rain is falling - you may want to consider how best to keep your audience happy, should there be light rain, perhaps just a reminder to wear suitable clothing..  For available dates, please see our  


Our play for 2020 is Richard Harris' Outside Edge, which is perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor venues.  

If you would like to discuss further, please complete the enquiry box and a member of our events team will get back to you shortly.

Money raised for worthy causes - 2018


Money raised for worthy causes - 2019


Money raised for worthy causes - To date


Blissful Murder Mysteries! 


Another great way to raise money for your cause is to host a Murder Myster Night.  We will perform a Murder Mystery Play and your guests have to guess Whodunnit!

A fun evening for everyone, and precious funds for your cause.  For more information, email: blissfultheatrecompany@gmail.com, or call/text Jules on 07986128278

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